Our School

Our school which was built according to Seljuk architecture and Ottoman settlement plan by Osmangazi Municipality and located in a perfect position in our city started its education life with the vision of “educating idealistic individuals who think scientifically, embrace spiritual values and add value to the World at international level” with the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education and the Religious Foundation of Turkey in 2016-2017 academic year.

We strived to raise well-equipped generations with the attitude of Islamic morality with the mission of raising individuals who are sensitive to the world and humanity, equipped with their moral values, become role models in their countries and in their jobs and who will contribute to the survival of the cultures and beliefs of
Islamic countries.

Our school which was built in Hamitler District on a total of 21 thousand 402 square meters area, 30 classrooms with the capacity of 750 students and educates students from inland and abroad; is an educational institution with a dormitory with the capacity of 300 people, a dining hall, social facilities, indoor and outdoor sports hall,
hobby workshops, conference rooms and cafeterias.

As being International Murat Hüdavendigar Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School our aim for students are;
-To prepare them for an educated, well-equipped, healthy, happy and peaceful future regardless of their language, race or color.
-To prepare them for higher education in academic way with extra supporting courses.
-To raise them as leaders with efficient sport and socio-cultural activities.
-To support them in becoming self-confident individuals who can travel abroad with fluent and accurate Arabic and/or English language.

We endeavor to grow as a youth who believes in the power of their own culture and civilization, who is personified, characterful, successful and assimilated the values of their own culture and civilization, who are in the opinion of shaping the world of tomorrow.

Effort is from us, success is from Allah.