World War III 2023 (Futuristic/JCC)

"The living will envy the dead," words of Nikita
Khruschev, regarding a possible ocurrence of a world
wide nuclear war. As every human-being knows, no matter the consequences, earth
stays true to its core by always being a restless place. Since the days civilization was born, human
kind have been a subject to their desires to conquer, fight and claim superiority. In case of a conflict,
we have a tendency to act with an almost innate sense of cruelty. Nevertheless, in our every
breathing second, we continue to contradict ourselves by also showing compassion, kindness and
virtue. While human race is encompassed in this perfect game of switching between yin and yang,
the world and their future is possibly sliding from their grip to a grim end. To better comprehend out
current situation, it is neseccary to observe the previous World Wars. With a devestating 120 million
lives lost overall, it is clear that in our exponentially more advanced age, World War 3 can claim way
more lives than it’s succesors. In Earth, there are many disputed regions with promising futures of
violence which may transform into a full-blown World War. Being one of the most memorable
conflict zones in recent times, South China Sea is home to an ever thriving dispute between a variety
of states claiming sovereignity over it’s islands, related maritime features and significant shipping
lanes. The area is not disputed upon futile reasons. With promising although mainly unresearched
reserves of oil and gas and impressive fishing stocks that promise great profit to those who obtain it,
South China Sea seems like Eden to a fallen Adam. Venezuela can also be cited as a dangeours
conflict zone. Over the years, situation in Venezuela spiralled out of control with seemingly no end in
sight. Once arguably the richest and brightest out of all Latin America, now Venezuela is suffering
from political and economic turmoil, resulting in a humanitarian and health care crisis. While the
Venezuelans are starving and hyper-inflation is wrecking through the country, a power struggle is
flourishing every day between Chavez’s succesor Maduro and self-declared interim president Guiado.
Kashmir fares no better. Over 70 years, Kashmir has been trapped in the claws of several nuclear
powers with an everlasting desire to continue the conflict by exerting dominance and claiming
ownership over the area. Ukraine Crisis proved itself as one of the biggest bloodsheds in Europe in
recent history. These existing conflicts promise a future of global unrest and disaster if complicated
further. Against the ever rising global warming, fear inducing terrorism, high levels of migration and a
threat of doom by one of the most precious creations of humanity, nuclear energy, will the the
leaders of the world continue to stoke the rising inferno while the rest of the human race helplessly
watches, or will they put an end to it before it transforms beyond control and burnes their hands?
Facing the reality that sometimes all it takes is just a little mistake, delegates joining this committee
will experience what it’s like to either pull the earth away from it’s impending downfall or become
the reaper of civilization.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under Secretary General: Veli Eren Şen
Academic Assistants: Ismael S. Fofana

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