Council of Authors

"Good people dont need laws to tell them to act responsibly... and bad people will find a way around the laws."

Humans have been keeping pace with the World within the framework of certain rules for decades.We have tried to rule and streamline the nature.Some of us have believed that there has to be an order and some of us not.Humanity has been evolving over the years and the orders that has been accepted also brought caos to our World.The discussions between the famous philosophers thoughout the years and their writings,the brainstorming that we had for our World… All of them are for an ideal layout for our World.We are all wishing to take a turn for the better and to develop around an order.There is need of courage,knowledge of how to explore and most importantly,curiosity, for a better development.All of the inventions appeared owing to curiosity.But science is constant and cannot be changed.So the matter that we will touch is. Philosophy.Philosophy is a human-made platform by means of curiosity where there is no rights or wrongs
What we would like to achieve in the Council is to determine the shortcomings of the World and discuss them by elitism and form a New World Order.

Fellow participants,fort he first time this year we will be welcoming you all with an innovative and avand-garde concept in MUN history,Council of Authors.

The representatives of ideas in the council will be high qualified authors.The expentancy of us fort he participants is to assimilate the thoughts of the authors that you are representing and to look from their eyes in a possible discussion and while creating the book, New World Order.

Agenda Item: New World Order

Under Secretary General: Melike İnecikli

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