French Revolution 1789

As the 18th century was ending, there had already happened a Revolution
in America. Funded by the Kingdom of France, led by King Louis XVI, the Thirteen Colonies of the British Empire raised the banners of open
rebellion and revolution. The extravagant spendings from France, in order
to help the Americans and wound the British, backfired on them.They
had led the country near the brink of bankruptcy. The price of dairy products and needs skyrocketed, just as it also caused
the royal coffers to be drained and depleted. Many expressed their
concerns and articulate their ideas upon solving the issues which led the
country and its people into unrest and starvation and they had faced with
a deaf ear turned onto them.And when there is unrest amongst the people, it reflects its consequences. A Revolution which will last a decade had
broken out between the years of 1789 to 1799. Revolutionary forces rallied and stormed a prison called Bastille and it
was the first act, leading the people of France to their freedom. But the
ideal of freedom and the spirit of revolution turned vile, causing so many
deaths and an era called Reign of Terror which is now known as the
darkest period of the French Revolution. The Revolution changed the landscape of the world and society
completely and of course it rewritten the social and political structure of
France. The ideas which had been brought into reality at that era toppled
down Empires and also created new ones. And in our committee, the
delegates will face the harshest events which will lead them to witness
and realize the end of Feudalism in France. They will either be successful
of doing so or the tyranny they try to destroy will be their own demise.

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Under Secretary General: Umut Kandemir
Academic Assistant: Bubacarr Njie

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