Basic points to consider while applying for and participating in UMHMUN as a delegate, committee director, member of administrative staff, press member, advisor or observer are as the following:

  1. Application does not ensure acceptance of participation, hence the applicants should not pay before they are notified of acceptance.

  2. No fees are refundable.

  3. In any instance of cancellation of an application or changes in the data provided after the application form is submitted, UMHMUN Public Relations Team should be notified of this via electronic mail.

  4. UMHMUN reserves the right to cancel an application after an applicant is sent an email of acceptance, which might be caused by instances such as but not limited to:

  1. All correspondence with the UMHMUN team will be executed through electronic mail, this being extended to use of applications providing video calls and various applications of online texting in exceptional occasions to smoothen communication.

  2. Entirety of information provided in the application forms should be accurate and UMHMUN reserves the right to do one or more of the following if provision of incorrect data is detected:

  1. Applicants should not hesitate to contact UMHMUN Public Relations Team at the event of any instance of inquiry regarding the conference.

  2. Participants should be aware of the intention of this conference being centrally academic and avoid clothing that is not in line with this in ways such as but not limited to:

  1. Participants should avoid any attempt for discrimination or harassment, the consequences of which are specified below under the heading “Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy”

  2. Failure to be present in the sites of responsibility as specified in the headings regarding different positions may preclude certification of an individual.

  3. All the videos and photos which will be taken during the conference can be used and published by UMHMUN IT team.

  4. Smoking and alcohol consumption within and around the campus and guesthouse during the conference is strictly forbidden.

  5. Participants’ journey back to their hometowns are out of the responsibility of UMHMUN.

  6. Failure or refusal to adhere to the rules of procedure may result in actions such as but not limited to:

  1. Participants should abstain from taking any actions which are rendered illegal by the Turkish Republic.

  2. Participants should portray utmost courtesy and professionalism at all times within the conference.

  3. UMHMUN reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary in the policies provided in this document.

Additional points for delegate applicants to consider are as the following:

  1. Delegates are expected to:

  1. Delegates under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, often as an advisor.

Additional points for chair and/or under secretary general applicants to consider are as the following:

Chairs and/or under secretary generals are expected to:

Additional points for advisors applicants to consider are as the following:

Advisors are expected to:

Additional points for administrative staff and press applicants to consider are as the following:

  1. Members of the administrative staff and press should be aware that they are considered members of the UMHMUN Organisation Team and should act accordingly.

  2. Members of the UMHMUN Organisation Team are expected to:

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy

It is the priority of UMHMUN that the environment of the conference is in line with our academic goal. No instances of discrimination or sexual harassment will be tolerated. If any participant believes they have encountered discrimination or sexual harassment, they must report it to the the Secretary-General of the conference. Provided that this is not possible, they must share it with the closest member of the UMHMUN team. Following an investigation on the report, one of the following will be executed: