International Murad Hudavendigar Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School Model United Nations
UMHMUN'19"Experience The Reality"


Most distinguished participants and dear guests,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcoming and serving you as the secretary general of the first annual session of International Murat Hudavendigar Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School Model United Nations conference which will be held between 26-29th October, 2019.

Our journey started in 2018 and in that short phase as UMHMUN Society, we did our best. But all of our experiences didn't leave us alone even at the end of our last conference and it started rooting with an ideal for living. After being among academic heads of our last training and first Model United Nations session which took place on february of this year. Our training session was a great success which permit us to build such a wonderful vision and day by day, my team and i gave the maximum of energy in order to transform this vision into a reality worthy to be experienced because we wanted to cause the greatest. We wanted you to experience what an immortal mind would create and simplify its creation in four days. We wanted you to embrace the reality. As the beginning all the horizon was far away from us and our dreams but with our academic and organisation teams' great efforts, we believed in that purpose and its unpredictable consequences which are growing with us and giving us a chance to express our minds. And now we are beyond the horizon and welcoming you, most esteemed participants, to our first annual conference.

UMHMUN'19 is a unique, multilingual conference which will be considering committees in English, Arabic, French, Turkish and Russian, which is going to be the first Russian committee ever happened in Turkey. As the academic team, we are believing in that every people from every culture deserve a chance to express themselves. But we want them to speak their minds in courses which are not the ones they get used to for their self development which is the main aim of Model United Nations.

Our first commitee is African Union (The Assembly), where delegates will be experiencing a diplomatical role representing one of African countries and discuss crises around the continent, this committee was chosen in order to make you learn much more about African countries, their political system why not economical and cultural. United Nations Security Council is one of our three United Nations committees where the main subject will concern the Middle East region in particular and Arab Spring in general, the fifteen countries will be debating and find promising resolutions. French Revolution 1789 will be the only historical committee of our Model United Nations session where delegates will play the role of important persons of France history and try to create the base of a new republic. The first in Model United Nations history is Council of Authors committee never done before, delegates will represent authors and different currents of thought with as a goal to establish a new world order. The last english committee is a Futuristic Crisis Committee, World War III 2026; crises in the work and delegates representing countries and leaders which will be under tensions and crisis developing strategies to win the war.

The two commitees in Arabic will share different subjects as diplomatical relations between United States of America and Iran Nuclear Treaty for the first, Leaders Summit to discuss about Israel's geographical developement and oldest issues that born with that for the second. In French language, The European Council committee's delegates will be discussing on a common European migratory politics. Our committee committe in Russian language will concern about United Nations Development Program where delegates will focus on four important goals among the seventeen. Our last committee, in Turkish language is Turkish Parliament and the members of parliament will be discussing up on Turkish foreign policy.

We as the UMHMUN'19 team welcoming you to our first annual session for serving you unforgettable experiences and memories which are going to keep us one and eternal. Believe in us as we believe in you.

Yunus Emre Aydın

Secretary General of UMHMUN'19